After years of working together on the ground in school communities around the world, we identified a widespread interest and need for these types of programs. We founded Growing Together Education with the intent purpose of being able to provide widespread services. As the global environmental crises intensify, we observed as our young, future leaders become highly motivated to take a stand and create solutions.

We work with public and private schools to create programs that engage learners of all types in designing programs that promote ownership and buy-in from all students.

Through the design and implementation of multiple project based lessons we have observed a high-level of student success and engagement. These programs have not just promoted the academic, social and emotional growth of participating students but also the diverse needs of schools and their surrounding communities.

We are excited to continue growing together with schools around the world in a collective effort to promote environmental education and engagement. 




Growing Together Education co-founder, Paul Hudak, has worked for decades to inspire and educate youth in the field of environmental education and organic agriculture. After spending years traveling the world and managing organic vegetable farms, Paul made the transition into the world of education in 2007.
Paul has worked with schools world-wide to establish programs that blur the line between traditional classrooms and the outdoors. This work is always student- centered and driven by community needs, student interests, and passions through hands-on project- based learning. Paul has shared this work at dozens of national and international education conferences including South by Southwest (SXSW).


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Justin Galvan is a United States Marine Corps Veteran that has worked in many dynamic fields along the years. While raising three of his own children, Justin wanted to shift his focus developing and focusing on not only his own children’s future but the future of this world by teaming up with his long time friend - Paul Hudak.